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Since the Beginning

At Deluxe, our people are committed to driving change. We embrace a collaborative environment that encourages ideas and celebrates one another’s achievements. Our company’s longevity and success are testaments to our visionary employees and our ability to evolve and innovate with our customers. Our One Deluxe culture helps move us forward and realize our goals as we help small businesses and financial institutions realize theirs.

What makes us unique?

As a Deluxer, you’ll be an owner. This gives you a real connection to your work and your co-owners.

Great Place to Work™

After a survey of more than 2,000 of our Deluxe employee-owners, we were certified as a Great Place to Work™. This honor means so much to our growing family of Deluxers and shows that our values have truly come to life in our company.

Wellbeing Programs

Deluxe has made a holistic commitment to provide resources and support to ensure we’re healthier people and a healthier organization. We encourage each Deluxer in areas of wellness that range from financial, emotional and physical, to social and professional.

Inclusion, Diversity and Equity

Our culture of inclusion strengthens our organization and our brand. It also helps us build a closer connection to our communities. This empowers people to bring their full authentic selves to work as One Deluxe and helps make everyone feel like they belong here.

Helping the Community

Here’s a glimpse at what it means to be a Deluxer. Our teams are engaged, enthusiastic and work closely with customers and each other to deliver new solutions. This is how we all own it.

The Culture at Deluxe

I've been here 33 years. I love being here because I love the people I work with.

Oh gosh, I love working at deluxe. I've been here 16 years and I would say the last five years I've been working on the most rewarding project ever in my career.

Love it, it's been an exciting time at Deluxe.

I think about exciting opportunities things that we have yet to dream and believe that we can do I'm excited about the new One Deluxe.

Knowing I could help be a part of the gelling of Deluxe and all the potential that I had, that was a huge piece.

So, I did look around a little bit but then nothing quite felt right where deluxe just feels like home this is where I want to end up.

What we're really looking to do is ensure that deluxe has an environment of inclusiveness when people feel inclusive within the workplace, they generate more ideas a better product is put out.

Bring our backgrounds, bring in our cultures, meshing them all together and Deluxe is a place that doesn't necessarily have walls or ceilings, so it just incorporates our true identity as people to employees.

We have recently done the food drive and there were always at least like more than 10 people who will be interested and based on the capacity we can accommodate people go there and do the volunteering.

Deluxe really isn’t like any other company. They really care about you and they care about your career and your path moving forward they want you to excel they, they're gonna give you the tools and provide you with what you need to become a successful business professional.

Since day one when I started at Deluxe it has been such a friendly atmosphere.

You want to spend time with people you like that you trust that you respect and I got to tell you we're surrounded with people like that. on the executive team and throughout the organization so for me this is just feels good to work at a company like Deluxe.

Champion your career as an essential, front-line employee

Deluxe payment processing is continuing to grow and expand, even during the pandemic. Our remittance area has a host of critical positions available. If you are dedicated, focused, and eager to learn, we would be excited to talk to you about the open roles we have.

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Grow your career in sales

The best sales and customer service professionals take pride in their ability to build meaningful relationships with clients to understand their needs and provide consultative support. They know how to simultaneously provide stellar service to their current customer base while hunting for additional opportunities. If this sounds like you, consider a career in our call center!

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Our Corporate Environment

We proudly grow and innovate because our employees share their ideas to continuously improve, streamline and expand our offerings. So, join us, own your career and become part of One Deluxe.

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Meet the Owners

The success of our employee-owners is at the forefront. We encourage and enable our Deluxers to own their success through growth and development opportunities. Hear from real employees on what it means to Own It at Deluxe.

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Since every employee at Deluxe is an owner, we all work together to develop new ideas for our customers that could include data-driven marketing tools, cloud-based solutions, or other innovations. Together, we’re creating the future of financial services and we all share a stake in our success.

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